What is mokolo.net  ?

Mokolo is establishing an online platform that will connect distribution, information and networking websites relating to African film and audiovisual industries through an easily accessible one-stop portal. The portal will include:

A networking platform for African film industry professionals and their colleagues in other parts of the world

An information platform for film enthusiasts with a special interest in film and TV programs from or about Africa

Access to the information platform will be free, while access to the networking platform will follow a fee-based membership model.

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Press Release – Lausanne July 28, 2016

The African film festival unveils its 11th edition programme to be held at the Swiss Film Archive, at the Casinode Montbenon and at the open-air theater in Lausanne from 18 to 21 August 2016. A selection of 51 films from 23 countries mostly unpublished in Switzerland, a retrospective Humour and satire, a carte blanche to…


Micr’Ouvert with … Nourredine Saïl, President of the foundation of the African Film Festival of Khouribga: “The African States have to decide in a voluntarist way, to help the filmmakers “

You paid tribute to Ethiopia which eventually won the Grand Prix Sembène Ousmane. What signal you see through it? Listen! I am happy because when we chose Ethiopia in order to honourit, it was based on the Ethiopian films I saw last year and the year before. These films that I saw at Fespaco and…