Aims, Vision & Mission


  • To connect, promote and support film and audiovisual professionals from or related to Africa and its Diasporas.
  • To facilitate and promote the use of existing and future web technologies by film and audiovisual industry professionals and audiences through research, development and education.
  • To improve the accessibility, visibility and promote diverse film and audiovisual content made by Africans, about Africa or related to Africa and its Diasporas.
  • To provide one single viable and reliable access point for all of the above, linking existing initiatives, services and resources.


  • To contribute to a climate that is conducive to content creation and distribution.
  • To offer increased accessibility and visibility for African film and audiovisual industries and content without competing with existing websites for industry-related information and exchange.


  • To support professional networking by establishing an industry exchange portal
  • To support the distribution and promotion of African film through an information portal that will offer easy access to African film and audiovisual content by integrating multiple information websites and websites of suppliers of video-on-demand services and other distribution models.
  • To create a brand that is collectively owned by African film practitioners and managed by a pan-African structure of industry stakeholders.