Funding Partners

The project was initiated by the Goethe Institut, who provide additional funding and is in charge of managing the project. The Goethe – Institut’s activities in the field of culture and development in sub-Saharan Africa focuses on the strengthening of cultural scenes and the enhancement of pan-African exchange in the arts. We are convinced that distribution, networking and professional exchange is the key to a creative and vibrant industry. The film sector is one of Goethe – Institut’s main areas of involvement via various production programmes and exchange.

Mokolo came about as the Goethe-Institut responded to a request by film professionals for a pan-African online communication and marketing platform. The Goethe-Institut initiated a couple of meetings to explore the idea further. The Goethe-Institut is supporting Mokolo financially and providing its expertise during its establishment phase.


The EU-ACP support programme to cultural industries in ACP (African, Caribbean& the Pacific) countries is funded by the European Commission, managed and implemented by the Secretariat of the ACP. It is open to countries of the ACP and European Union Member States that are signatories to the European Development Fund (EDF).
The objective of the programme is to contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development through the promotion of an enabling environment for creativity, cooperation and exchanges, independence and viability of the cultural sector in the ACP states, as well as the safeguarding of cultural diversity and fundamental cultural values.

It aims at reinforcing the capacities of policy and decision makers, cultural operators and certain domains of culture and cultural industries in the ACP countries. Mokolo was awarded a grant on the basis that it met all the requirements of the funding body.