The Mokolo project was founded in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 2010, when a group of African film practitioners decided to create a solution to what they saw as the “shared challenges in the digital world”. The problem in this instance was how to integrate existing internet based content that was relevant to African film industries (information databases, directories, VoD sites, magazines, events, professional websites etc) and one which would increase the exposure of African films and audiovisual professionals and their content. The group came up with an idea for a shared solution, in the form of an online platform for audiences and professionals in the film, visual media and IT sectors. It was named MOKOLO, after the biggest open-air market in Yaoundé, where people regularly gathered to network and exchange goods & information.
Mokolo is an online platform that connects distribution, information and networking websites relating to African film and audiovisual industries, through an easily accessible one stop portal. It is a platform for audiences and professionals in the film, visual media and IT sectors.

Mokolo aims to bring more awareness to the African film and multimedia sector by improving the accessibility of African made content. Its mission is to deepen the engagement of Africans with existing film communities around the world: by promoting and publicising film screenings, film festivals, funding opportunities, networking etc.

The goal of the Mokolo launch is to foster immediate interest, partnership and engagement with African film, audiovisual and IT professionals in Africa and beyond. Mokolo hopes that members of African communities across the world will join the conversation and learn about the resources and networks available to them, as well as how to navigate events in order to gain maximum benefits, to connect with filmophiles and filmmakers across the continent and beyond. The main focus will be developing a solid foundation across all Mokolo platforms to ensure that the organization will be sustainable in the future.