The main activity of this phase was about the implementation of the functionalities for the platform. These are based on the URD (User Requirements Description) and the most relevant has been picked to prioritize their implementation. Several sprints are needed to achieve this.

1-Sprint 1 : Film Description

The first sprint was during April 2015 and allowed us to implement the first set of functionalities, mainly focused on the creation and the modification of the film description, the reviews and the Mokolos linked to this description. The functionality of the creation and the management of the Mokolizer account has also been developed.

2-Sprints 2 and 3 : Social Functionalities

The second phase focused on how the Mokolizer will interact with the platform. It will allow the Mokolizer community to access several interactive actions. In this sprint the following has been developed :

  • Mokolos and reviews : this is the content that the Mokolizer can add to a film or practitioner description. The Mokolos are external links that include a comment and reviews, as well as a rating. The Mokolizer can add, delete or edit their own Mokolos and reviews. They can comment and flag all Mokolos and reviews.
  • Follow-up functionalities : a Mokolizer can follow another Mokolizer, who shares the same interests. He can also follow a film or practitioner description. He will receive a notification each time a followed content is modified or edited.
  • Interactions with film, series or pro descriptions: the Mokolizer can edit, report, add Mokolos or reviews and add comments on the Mokolo’s record. He can also delete its own record or stop following someone.
  • Social networks: the Mokolizer can share content on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. He can also create an account or connect with its social network account.
  • Mokolizer area: the Mokolizers can see their activities and those of their followed Mokolizers, including a dashboard where they can manage and edit account settings, check their notifications and suggestions.
  • Suggestions: the platform can recommend other Mokolizers or film descriptions to follow.
  • Bilingual platform : the Mokolizer can easily switch between French and English
  • Practitioner descriptions on they come together with the creation of a film record and include basic information about a practitioner (job, filmography, name).
  • Search / advanced search : allows Mokolizers to find a film or a practitioner

VOD Africa3-Prototype of the platform

At the same time, a prototype is designed by the designer team. It aims to conceptualise and implement the platform template in an ergonomic way to make browsing and using the platform easy for Mokolizers.

  • Film description : general information (pictures, images, trailers, synopsis, year, country)
  • Suggestion system: based on followed films or Mokolizers can suggest new ones
  • Film rating: general average obtained by a film
  • Mokolos and reviews : checking, Mokolo’s add/edit form, flag system, Add comment form on a Mokolo
  • Forms (creation / editing) : based on general information
  • Filter and search page : based on data such as the year or country. It is also possible to use search filters
  • Member area : to manage the Mokolizer profile
  • Contribution area : to manage user activities on the platform

4-Upcoming activities

  • Design of the trendy pages of
  • Implementation of the platform
  • Implementation of the article functionalities
  • Semantic Unit

This is a global overview of the ongoing technical work. In the meantime, a team of content research team works on content creation for the platform. There are 4 people ; 2 in Kenya, one in Cameroon and the Content Manager who manages the team from Nigeria.

The first public test is scheduled for August.

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