The Executive Committee formulates and implements the foundations policies, developing and preserving its assets, determines membership fees, the annual work plan, activities and reports and ensures that the foundation acts in accordance to the decisions of the general assembly and reports to the Board of Trustees.

Independent Film Production

  • Ms Wanuri Kahliu – CHAIR

    Awali Entertainment, Kenya

  • Mr Musi Waa Nkeng

    ‘Collywood’ Cameroon Film Industry Chairperson

  • Ms Bärbel Mauch

    Mauch Films, Germany

Media labs

  • Mr Vincent Lagoeyte

    Villa ACT MediaLab Dakar, Senegal

Online Platforms

Film Training

  • Mr Victor Okhai

    The International Film and Broadcast Academy, Nigeria

Film critics / Online Blogs

  • Ms Aderinsola Ajao – SECRETARY

    Journalist / Film critic, Nigeria

  • Ms Katarina Hedrén

    Writer / Film critic, South Africa