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Jan Tretschok

Designer / Filmmaker

Jan is a graduated designer, after studying philosophy, religious studies and comparative literate at the university of Leipzig he worked in different advertisement agencies until he decided to study design. In Saarbrücken at the university of art and design he focused on the moving picture, mostly in audio and video installations but also in documentaries and short animation. After spending an interrimsyear at the GCADT in Wales he graduated with an documentary film. Documentaries became his prime focus in his professional life. While running the videolaboratory at the university of art and design in saarbrücken he spend a lot of the time of his semesterbreaks abroad, learning about filmcultures and teaching visual literacy

Henrik Elburn



Following an apprenticeship as a construction draughtsman in civil engineering in 1997, for three years. 2001 he enrolled in an advanced training programme at the University of Applied Sciences, Cologne. He studied photographic engineering and media technology, where his specialty was industrial / digital image technology. During this period, he did professional work in the field of On Air Design at the German broadcaster, WDR(West German Television). He also started to exhibit his personal work as an artist at this time.

Following an interlude working for the German coastal protection agency as a park ranger, he took up studies in Media Art and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Saar (HBKsaar). Following  completion of the diploma degree in 2011, he was awarded the status of a Master Student (Meisterstudent). He is now working as a freelancer in the field of communication design, light and technology. He also holds a part time teaching position at the Academy, working on international arts-and-technology projects including exhibition concepts, project support and supervision.

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