Africa Cultures Technologies (ACT)

137 Cité des impôts et Domaines, la Patte d’Oie, Dakar- SENEGAL
Telephone number: +221 773338270

Iyan Johnson

IT Manager


Ahmet Iyan Johnson attended the French Engineering School of Cognitics (ENSC) in Bordeaux, where he received an MSc in Cognitive Science and became “Ingénieur en COGNITIQUE” in 2009. His research interests are in the field of knowledge representation and reasoning, decision trees and semantic web. He worked as a research assistant for the French National Institute for Agricultural Research and the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation. He lectured for the Gaston Berger University at Saint Louis in Senegal and is currently a tutor in Computer Science at the Virtual University of Senegal. In his spare time, he is also currently involved in a farm. In 2014, he joined the Mokolo team as an IT manager.

Adama Sow

IT Manager


Adama is Senegalese. She has a research masters degree in computer
science. Her research field of interest is in knowledge management, semantic web and case based reasoning. She worked as a research and teaching assistant in Gaston Berger University between 2008 and 2010 and at Laval University between 2010 and 2013. She is currently doing a PhD at the Ecole Polytechnique de Thies (EPT) on the subject «  A semantic search engine for medical diagnosis using ontologies and Cased based reasoning ». She also has a personal project called « Jeune nature » based on the manufacture of natural cosmetics. She joined Mokolo as IT manager in 2014.

Maleye Niang

IT Developer


Maleye is Senegalese and an enthusiastic web developer. He is a graduate from University Laval, with a masters degree in computer science, and has participated in several projects since 2008.
He likes learning new things and developing his skills and these days his eyes are set on the upcoming Angular Js 2.0 ( open source web applications).

During his spare time he likes reading Japanese mangas, playing video games and doing some running.

Abdou Karim Kandji

IT Developer


Abdou Karim Kandji is passionate about technology. A graduate of Ecole Supérieure multinationale des telecommunications (ESMT) since 2011, he has participated in various projects ranging from server and information systems security to web and mobile applications development.

He is interested in free software and open source applications and loves telephony and culture.

He also serves as a volunteer in the IT administration of, I’institute de Formation en Assurance et en Gestion des Entreprises (IFAGE) in Dakar since 2011.

Saër Diokhe

System Administrator


Saër Diokhe has a mathematics and computer training, followed by two master’s degrees at Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg and Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris, France. During his university education, he showed a great interest in IT security , configuration of computer systems and networks. This training enabled him to expand his skills with 6 years experience in Administration and in the establishment of the Information Systems in various structures. During his career, he worked with cultural actors which led him to participate in the organization and development of cultural organisations like Mokolo in Africa.

Abdoulaye Dia

Web Designer


A web designer and a graphic artist, he has always been interested in the arts in general. After spending more than 5 years in an IT agency in Dakar, he worked on his own as an Arts Designer and a computer teacher. He currently lives in the city of Thies, Senegal.

Thomas Jund

Front End Developer


Freelance, passionate about all areas around graphic design and visual communication (photography, typography, icons, logotype), he specialized in the realization of customized users web interfaces, from design to code — design with code.

He think ergonomics, user interface, Responsive web design and information architecture; he speaks HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript daily while practicing and applying his graphic design skills.

Abdoulaye Guisse

Web Architect


After his postgraduate degree in computer engineering, he did an R&D internship as a computer engineer in Semantic Web (SW). He enrolled in a research masters degree in Information Systems in Senegal, validating his internship at the Paris Nord Computer Lab. His thesis research focused on modelling and manipulating of RDF graphs to assist the acquisition and maintenance of semantic knowledge from textual resources.

He is interesting in the modelling of information systems related to the field of Semantic Web and its technologies, automatic language processing (NLP), information extraction, knowledge engineering, semantic resources building (ontology’s, rules, etc).

He is an Associate Professor at EPT, in Senegal and completed his PhD in November 2012.